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Main features

So, it's a bot. Now, what does it do?

Hypixel Stats

Shows a player's in-game stats in every supported game and compare them against eachoter in the supported games1

Custom roles based of Hypixel Ranks

When someone joins a server they'll be given the rank they've on Hypixel network, this will make it easier for you.

Hypixel Guilds

Displays every members in the guild with their respective custom ranks, as well as their guild's stats and other related details.

Account Linking

Link your Minecraft account to your Discord account via the bot so you'll never have to worry again about typing in your own scary username.

24/7 Up and running

We'll take care about the hosting, if it goes down we'll do as much as we can to get it up again within no time. Calm down, don't worry.

Hypixel Bot

Constantly Updated

Hypixel released a new game? Once stats become available to developers after full release of the game we'll add it as soon as possible.

You deserved happiness

Happy Users

There are just a few of the thousands of users this bot has, and they are all happy it exists.

“The bot is pretty good. I always have Discord open and now I don't have to use my precious time to go to NameMC for someones name history and skin.”

User Review #1 — noUinfinity#8246

“The bot has been in my own server for quite a while now, and I've loved using it. I can link my account to the bot so I don't have to type in my username every time. The bot also has lots of other fun stuff, like name history and skin finders.”

User Review #2 — CosmiKazie#2670

“The bot is actually really useful. I was truly delighted to use it on my discord server. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to even use it. The coder must have been a legend and the avatar is a masterpiece aswell.”

User Review #3 — kam#4094

“The bot is a mix of Plancke.io and NameMC. You can check your stats, skin etc. Works surprizingly fast. Use it if you're lazy.”

User Review #4 — mice#4006

Enjoy it

Fun Facts

We've gathered some stats for you to show the size of the Discord bot

1k Users
1+ Discord servers
1k+ Commands used
1+ Usable commands

Latest features

We are constantly adding new features to the bot as Hypixel rolls out new gamemodes, here are the latest commands


The Guild update

When Hypixel rolled out the guild update we changed the command to add the custom roles you can now create in the guild

Hypixel Bot Hypixel Bot



Want to quickly check if someone is online? Then the session command will help you out. It will quickly check if someone is in game or not.

Hypixel Bot Hypixel Bot


Compare Bedwars Stats

Want to see who is the best? Then use the Bedwars stats comparing feature and quickly find out, remember stats don't always mean anything.

Hypixel Bot Hypixel Bot

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Hypixel Bot